The Parmesans​/​Sledding With Tigers Split

by Sledding With Tigers



We are so lucky to be able to release this split with or friends, The Parmesans. We both recorded these songs on various cassette recorders, and I think they sound wonderful.
Check out The Parmesans here:


released December 11, 2012

Songs and Lyrics: Dan Faughnder (Except For Track 3)
Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Dan Faughnder
Banjo/Vocals: Brandon Boggs
Recorded by: A Boombox in San Diego, CA
Mastered by: Ted Gabbard

Recorded live on Cassette in Oakland, Ca
All songs written and performed by The Parmesans
Andrew Byars: Guitar, Trumpet, Vocal
Spencer Acton: Bass, Vocal
Brendan Welch: Mandolin, Guitar, Vocal
Andy Brown: Banjo




Sledding With Tigers San Diego, California

We're a bunch of kids, who get mistaken for adults, making music because its fun. We play some hybrid of folk-punk-bluegrass and whatever other music we've listened to recently.
Let's play a show together.

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Track Name: Gravy Says (You Are The Devil)
I’ve been running from
something that’s kept walking
And now I’m starting to lose my pace

But I’ll keep running
Even though it don’t mean nothing
But at this point I’m just saving face

And I swear I don’t need your saving grace
but I'll probably never say it to your face

But now I’m walking
And you’ll just keep on sitting
Until I find my way back to you
Track Name: The Slurs That You Love
If you're too selfish to give up the words you use that hurt the people you love, well don't be surprised when I stop calling you my friend.
Track Name: Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore
Track Name: The Parmesans - See For Yourself
Hold steady, hold fast
Not all good things last.
Hopes and dreams: Half-hearted,
Friends and lovers only parted.
A simple man has simple needs,
Just a fountain pen and coffee beans.
A friend or three to keep the beat,
An ice-cold drink to beat the heat.
(Because we were the)
First ones up, first ones at 'em
We had priority like Eve and Adam,
But even God don't know, what took them so long.
Guess they had to see for themselves.
You were my sweet, my only one,
I took a ferry to your sugar plum.
Now the dock's gone burning,
Ignited from our turning.
Simple times meet simple ends.
On what grounds now that depends.
Its a mystery for some I'm sure,
Til' they're walking out your door.
('Cause they're the)
First ones up, first ones at 'em,
The first to claim to sing the "Human Anthem"
But even they don't know what's taking so long.
Guess they'll have to see for themselves.
('Cause you're the)
First one up, the first one at 'em.
The first in line but the last to dine,
Even you don't know what's taking so long.
Guess you'll have to see for yourself.
Track Name: The Parmesans - Heinous Pit Of Death
Verse 1
I'm so busy always tryin' to to do right (tryin' to do right)
Tryin' to do right
But somewhere I went wrong
The same thing happens to me every night (every night)
Every night
As I go walk alone
I tilt my head look up and howl at the moon
Howl at the moon
and hope it's over soon
All this time I had it down
But now, I've hit the ground
The beast inside my head is gettin' loud
My soul is cryin' out
My mouth is dry and cannot make a sound
My time is runnin' out
It's so regrettable
But unforgettable
This feeling in my bones
In my bones, in my bones, in my bones.
Verse 2
The sun is hot the street is burnin' my feet (burnin' my feet)
Burnin' my feet
What's happening to me
My head it aches and I can barely see (barely see)
Barely see
I'm sick of this disease
That old familiar cold delirious dream (delirious dream)
Delirious dream
Delirious dream
Track Name: The Parmesans - Delirious Dream
Alive but barely sometimes
I know the reasons
And I continue to find
Some meaning
In a life that I hate
In a world that I cannot change
I'm bored almost all of the time
And I know the reasons
But I'm to lazy to try
For a world that steals my pride
In a way that I can't deny
And the heinous pit of death calls my name
And I heed it's call
To a world that I hate
To a life that I cannot change
For a world that steals my pride
In a way that I can't deny